Dierenkliniek Julianadorp

Dierenkliniek Julianadorp

Animal Clinic Julianadorp

The Animal Clinic in Julianadorp is a practice focused on pet animals, such as cats, dogs and rodents.

The practice stands for advanced veterinary medicine with proper care your pet. You can come to us not only with a sick animal but also for information about diseases, (preventive) health care, nutrition, behaviour problems and housing of your companion animals.

Since taking over in 1996, the practice has been modernized over the years and we've invested in new equipment. Our standard equipment contains a x-ray machine, gas anaesthesia, equipment for blood analysis and urine analysis, and specialized dental instruments for rodents.


Telephone number: (0223) - 645200

In case of emergencies it is important to contact us first before your visit, so that we are prepared and know about your visit.

For emergencies outside our opening hours and during weekends you can also contact us. Then you will receive our answering machine which will tell you which other animal clinic is on duty at that time.


  • Animal Clinic Julianadorp
  • Van Foreestweg 107 A
    1787 BH Julianadorp

Opening Hours

You can reach the clinic by telephone from 08:30 till 17:00 for making an appointment of additional information.

Consultations and treatments by the vet only take place per appointment.

Opening Hours of the help desk

Monday08:30 till 12:0013:15 till 17:00
Tuesday08:30 till 12:0013:15 till 17:00
Wednesday08:30 till 12:0013:15 till 17:00
Thursday08:30 till 12:0013:15 till 17:00
Friday08:30 till 12:0013:15 till 17:00

At the desk you will be helped by the assistant. Here you can make an appointment and collect dietary foods, anti-flea products and prescribed medicines.

There is no need for an appointment.

The help desk